The ‘Live Big’ Philosophy

2 11 2009

MichelleInternetPicTiny By Michelle Ash, CFP®, CDFA™

I came across an article this weekend in a magazine for financial professionals* that talked about the philosophy of “Living Big”. In this time of economic turmoil and constant speculation by the media about whether our recession is truly ending or not, the phrase “live big” may not seem to resonate soundly. But the Living Big philosophy is not necessarily what its name might initially imply.

The Living Big philosophy is one that advocates living “big” on a frugal budget. It emphasizes ways to live one’s life that involve little (or no) money, but are likely to lead to fulfillment. Here are some sample items from the Live Big List:

– Start a gratitude journal and write down five things every day that you’re grateful for.
– Get Skype or MagicJack and call friends located all over the world.
– Have a book swap party
– Join Netflix and watch hundreds of movies
– Make a hobby of finding free weekend activities and planning outings with family friends.
– Discover a new park and go for a hike.

These are just a sampling of ideas; you can likely think of many more.

The gratitude journal struck a real chord with me. It’s so easy to complain and to be frustrated by seemingly trivial things. And yet, when I really think about it, the average American lives at a higher standard of living than probably 95% of the people on the rest of the planet. Most of us have food in our bellies, a roof over our heads, comfortable clothes on our backs, and more opportunity for fulfilling life experiences than most other humans ever have the opportunity for.

So the point of it all, ultimately, is this: money is certainly important, but not as important as living life to the fullest and appreciating the precious things that money can’t buy.

I hope each of you finds ways to “live big”. I’d love to hear your suggestions!

* – “Fulfilling Frugality” by Raymond Fazzi; Financial Advisor Magazine, October 2009

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